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Yamba Communications

Welcome to
Yamba Communications

We offer a wide selection of Telstra services for both business and consumer customers. We also offer high quality tech support and telecommunication accessories for all your protection beautifying needs! We are well versed in all modern Telstra handsets and most other devices from other providers. As such, we are confident that we can troubleshoot any issues that arise on your mobile phone! Come and see us today and you’ll be assured to walk away with a smile!


We Are Proud To Offer:

  • Telstra’s latest and greatest mobile offerings and devices

  • Connection through Telstra’s high speed NBN network

  • Portable data options through Telstra’s mobile data network on either 4G or 5G

  • A great range of the latest mobile phone accessories

  • Options for boosting reception to help you out of that black spot.

  • High quality tech support and friendly service!


Here at Yamba Communications, as a Telstra Partner, we are able to offer the vast majority of services and products available to Telstra customers, as well as troubleshooting most issues that may arise on your Telstra provided device/service.

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